What Are The Types Of The Plumber?

Plumber is the person who we may have heard of in our every day life. Many people immediately think of the plumbers when their water is not working properly or there is something wrong with the flushing of their toilet, or in some cases when the gas pressure is reduced in their stove and if they smell gas. In such cases, the plumber Oxenford is required immediately to solve out the problems. But there are many other types of the problems which could also be solved by the plumbers. Usually people are only familiar with one or two kind of the plumbers but there are some other types of the plumbers as well which many people do not know about. Some of these types are listed below.

Water and Sanitation Supply Plumber:

As the name represent, these are the plumbers who deal with the problems that occur in the water supplies of the washrooms and the kitchens. Water plumbers also help in the tap repairs problems of the bathroom. Most of the time water plumbers also do the work of the sanitation plumber and they help in clearing out the blockage in the sanitation pipes and also perform the installation of the drainage and sanitation pipers in the bathroom.

Gas Plumber:

The gas plumber is the specialized plumber who only deals with the problems of the gas pipe lines and these are the people that help you in case there is any leak in the gas pipe and help you controlling and regulating the pressure in the gas. The irregular pressure of the gas could be due to some blockage in the gas pipe and these test the gas pipes to figure out the area of the blockage and then resolves it.

Roofing plumber:

Many people are only familiar with the gas and the water plumber and very few have heard about the roofing plumber but these are the people who provide their expertise in the installation, replacement and the renovation of the roof of the house or some commercial building or the office.

Above were some types of the plumbers with respect of the nature of the work but there are some types based on the workplace of the plumbers. Such as the commercial plumbers and the residential plumbers and service plumbers. The commercial plumbers are the plumbers who usually work in the commercial buildings such as the offices, schools, some large shopping centre and the hospitals. Since these people have more exposure therefore, their expertise are more than the plumbers who work residentially since there are a smaller number of the pipes and the structures of the pipes in the house than the commercial building. Go right here to find out more details.