How To Plan For A Family Reunion

A family reunion is the perfect time to gather all the members of the family who have been spread out around different parts of the world. If you have got a large family, then this is the perfect opportunity to meet and greet all those that are part of your huge family. Planning for a family reunion consisting of a large number, might be difficult, however though here are a few tips you could follow when planning your next family reunion;


Plan out all the details for the reunion considering all members opinions and options. It might be hard to consider everyone’s convenience when planning for this event, but trying to adjust and convincing to adapt is key here. Set the right location to gather all members of your large family, a place that can accommodate all. Even if the place is your own home with the small kitchen renovations Sydney, that has been chosen to hold this event at, agree to do so only after considering your capabilities in trying to accommodate the entire crowd. Choose the right date to have this reunion after considering at least the majorities opinions because when you have to entertain a large crowd it certainly is hard to agree with everyone.


When you have got a huge family, it definitely is hard to account and adjust for things all on your own. Therefore appointing a member from each individual family to take up a certain task and be responsible for it, is the ideal thing to do. Distribute the work among members to avoid the entire burden of holding the reunion falling on to one person. Make sure to account for things at the end of the day as well, especially in order to avoid potential disputes and questioning.


Set a budget and have all members’ pool in a certain amount to hold this event. As much as you might enjoy throwing an over the top reunion, be sure to set things and organize them inside the budget. After all you wouldn’t want to fall low and behind the budget, thus having to collect more money from the members once again. This might even lead to different inconveniences among members that you aren’t aware of.

Backup plan

If the hotel or resort you planned to have the event at, suddenly runs of space to accommodate all 150 members of your family due to other events held there or if anything else out of the ordinary decides to happen, make sure you’ve got a backup plan ready to put into action.  You could decide on even holding this at your home in the backyard too, all you’ve got to do is work out a seating arrangement and you’re all good to go. Think about it, this might even be the perfect opportunity to flaunt your modern kitchen designs Sydney.

Spread the word

Inform everyone that is part of the family and make sure they all turn up to make this event a successful and memorable one.

You could decide to set up a few games or even get the elders to tell a few stories from their time. Enjoy and cherish every single moment with your family while taking a walk down the memory lane. Smooth out those old rivalries that might be running through the family and make sure everyone gets along to make this event enjoyable and fun for everyone!