Solar Hot Water Products Produce Solar Hot Water

The process of heating of water requires a lot of energy. When one uses solar energy it reduces the cost of other non renewable sources of energy, like natural gas or electricity. Also, solar energy reduces the pollution and greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere, thereby promoting the concept of sustainable development. Equinox solar hot water is an outcome of the solar heating by the equipments manufactured by Equinox. It is good to use solar energy in order to do trivial things such as heating water. As the process of hot water systems heating uses the natural energy of the sun and converts it in to the heat energy which is used to heat the waters. Equinox has manufactured a variety of products in order to provide its clients with solar hot water. The two most common types of Equinox solar hot water products are the close coupled solar water heaters and the split system solar water heaters.  The close coupled solar water heaters have large storage tanks on which sunlight falls directly and heats it. The process of convection currents in water transmits the heat to the cooler layers of the water. On the other hand, there is no movement required to heat the water.
The split system solar water heaters provide the users with a storage tank which is placed on the ground. Solar energy is transmitted from the roof of the mounted solar collectors and the heated water is transferred to the reservoir by the use of a small pump that is photosensitive in nature and hence only operates when sunlight falls on it or the collector plates. Solar hot water systems is a combination of solar collectors, storage tanks, gas or a electric booster, and solar controller or pumps in case of split systems. Thus using a solar thermal system rather than an electrical one not only helps to reduce the electricity bills, but also is essential as a means to stop the depletion of non renewal resources which are used to heat the water to the desired temperature.
Another important aspect of solar energy is that is it is available all the year round and one needs not pay for it. There are just some basic installations cost required for this process. There are various types of solar collectors available in the market and the users can choose one which suits their needs. The most common ones are the flat plate and the evacuated tube and the hybrid ones. One important difference is between the photovoltaic solar panels and the solar thermal water systems are that the photovoltaic cells convert solar energy to electricity while the solar water systems convert solar energy to thermal energy. All in all, the solar water systems can be quite helpful for users who want a continual source of hot water all the year round with a low cost and an effective way. It is a renewable source of energy and also provides one with a chance to cleanliness and sustainable development of energy.