Things You Can Do With An Empty Space

Generally every land has something built on it. There are also instances where bare land is available. People like to buy bare land because it is much cheaper than buying a land with a building. When you buy a bare land, you can build anything you want any way you want. The building can be personalized to the way you want it. This can be a large advantage if you are going to use it to generate income for you, if you are not going to live in it. There are many options depending on where the land is and the size of it. Here’s a list of some of the things you can do with an empty space.

Building a house

You can build a house but instead of living in it, you could give it to rent. This a very common and popular thing people do. You could even build the house the way you want it and later on live in it. This also depends on the location of the land because you will have to be in a residential area to build a house and expect people to rent it. You can build a nice house with a garden and you’ll need garden mulch Melbourne to keep the garden green.

Office for rent

Another option you have is to build an office. Offices are good because you can give it for a much higher rent and there is less maintenance to be done by you. This can be very useful because you don’t have to watch over the house. Location is a factor you should consider because the office should be in a commercial location. If it isn’t no one would be interested in it. The more floors you have, you can give it to different offices as well.


If you have a large land, you can have a plantation. Depending on where the land is you can grow what’s suitable for the climate ranging from fruits to vegetables. This way you can have a good income. The only issue would be that, you will need someone to look after the plantation and keep the soil healthy by using best black mulch in Melbourne when necessary.

Car park or warehouse

A car park would be useful because you can charge for every car. This is especially beneficial when you have a land close to a commercial location such as offices and shopping malls, because many people will come to park. Similarly a ware house would be useful for people to store things and you can charge for everything people store. You can even offer self-storage units as well.