How To Protect Seniors At Home?

Home is always a safe place for all of us, especially for the old people who don’t feel safe anywhere else. But today, even home is no more a safe and secured place for them as senior citizens are the most common target of robbery or burglary. They are old and helpless, and perhaps this is why the intruders find it easy to handle them or harm them.

The seniors of our house also might not be acquainted with the new and upgraded security system. So, it becomes very difficult for them to cope up with the situation and avoid the intrusion of some dangerous people into the house. So, to protect them at home, you need to arrange some safety measures. And installing security screens is one measure that you should consider.You need to lock the doors before you go outside your home leaving the seniors in the empty house. Make sure that the lock you use is a strong deadbolt lock that is quite hard to break. Again, you need to check if the windows are secured or not. Thieves have many types of equipment and tools to break the doors and windows. So, if you want to keep your seniors and the home safe, you should install security doors Perth so that the intruders find it difficult to break the lock and get into the house.

Make sure that the windows are made of tempered glass which is quite hard to break.You need to make the seniors of your house develop some good habits. If they are able to do that, you would be less worried about them in an empty house. Among those good habits, peeping outside through the eye-hole comes first. Whenever anyone rings the bell outside, you let your seniors see through the peephole first, and then unlock the door, thereby making them practice this regularly so that they build this habit. And when the crucial moment comes, they’ll be able to look who is outside. Also, make them able to lock the doors and windows all by themselves. Always leave a phone at home and teach your seniors how to operate it so that if the intruders try to break into your place, your seniors can call you or call the police and ask for help. Also, keep calling at home and ask your seniors about the activities inside as well as outside the house, and thus you’ll be able to have an idea if they are secured inside the house or not.