Amazing Uses For Stubs You Have Never Known

Come winter or even simply, you might be using a lot of candles for providing ambiance, for entertainment or perhaps even for the dreaded power outage. Either way, you are going to end up with a colossal number of candle stubs which you have no idea about what to do with them. Sometimes those wax structures end up being too short for lighting and too large to be dispensed out without a guilty thought, so, what do you do then?You can employ them for the following uses. But mind you, be careful while heating candle wax as they are flammable. Ensure that the gas is on a low at all times when heating the wax.

If you are looking for something to fix the hard and sticky drawers or the moaning doors, then you have got a great solution in the form of candle wax. The liquefied candle wax is an extremely effective lubricant that can seep between the small gaps of the furniture and provide the necessary reduction in friction.

  • DIY Candles! Old stubs can be further used to create your own candles or go to candles online Australia. Melt them by gently applying heat and mold the liquid using candle molds which are commonly available in various sizes and shapes. For inserting the wick, purchase them from the nearest craft store, center it to the candle, lower and raise it through the wax. One can also find plenty of DIY candles online created by excellent designers.
  • The candle glue produced by the dripping wax of burning candles can act as great glue on which other new candles can stand. The problem of wobbling candles is thus solved!
  • If you are looking to build your own fire starter, start with dipping the Pinecone into some amount of molten wax and let it dry. Even if they are not in use, they can act as decorative pieces. Once the fire is lit, the wax will help in creating the flames. Salt can be added to add more sparkle to the flames created.
  • Wax was one of the most popular materials used to treat leather. If you need any leather thing to be stiffened, then use molten wax. Note that many layers of wax can actually harden the leather and in many cases, this is the requirement.
  • You must have spotted in movies where the mails would have been sealed with molten wax. Actually, it provides that extra security for whatever you send. Mostly because molten candle wax acts as an excellent sealant.
    As you can see, candle stubs have plenty of uses of their own, some decorative and some for a hardcore purpose. If you feel deprived of the number of candle stubs, buy candles online, collect the stubs and implement each of the following use with them.