All You Need To Know About Ceramic Tiles

Everybody wants their house or office to look great and the things installed in it to stay durable. One such thing which is used in every house is tiles. Tiles are the thing slab like materials which are used to cover rooftops, kitchens, bathrooms, entrance area, etc. Wide variety of tiles can be seen in the market but the customer mostly does not know that which kind of a tile can be best for him. The variety of these tiles differs from porcelain tiles to ceramic tiles, from marble tiles to granite tiles and from mosaic tiles to limestone tiles. In this article, we will be discussing about ceramic tiles and everything related to them.


Tiles are the thin slabs that are present in rectangular shape or in square shape. They are used to enhance the look of a house and also to add the firmness in the flooring or walls. Diverse varieties of tiles are found all around the world. These tiles might include porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, limestone tiles, etc.

Ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles Melbourne are the tiles that are manufactured by the company by heating the clay in kiln and adding some of the other elements in it as well. These tiles are quite hard but can be cut in various shapes as their density is not that high. They are often compared with porcelain tiles but there lies certain differences among them.  Basically, porcelain tiles are the type of ceramic tiles, which are comparatively expensive, denser and harder than the ceramic tiles. However, in some places porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are interchangeable.

Uses of ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are most commonly used as bathroom tiles. This is mainly because these tiles are quite resistant to water, damp and soil. Moreover, they restrains bad odor and bacteria as well. Moreover, ceramic tiles are used for installing them in outdoor environment as well as these tiles are quite resistant to extreme weather conditions.

The disadvantages of ceramic tiles:

As everything comes with a price, similar is the case with ceramic tiles. These tiles cannot withstand heat that much which is why they can get cracked easily. Besides that, ceramic tiles are manufactured in such a way that a person gets cold effect when they touch a tile which is why they are not widely popular around the world.


Tiles are the thin pieces of slab that are composed in rectangular shape or in square shape but these tiles are manufactured differently which us why their appearance and functionality also differs. There are porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, marble tiles, mosaic tiles, etc. Ceramic tiles are the type of tiles which are manufactured by heating clay along with some other elements. It is quite resistant to moist and damp place which is why they are even more in demand as compared to other tiles. RFM tiles provides the best quality of ceramic tiles all across the Thomas town in Melbourne.